• “IT CAN HAPPEN HERE” TV SPOT: 30-second TV trailer for A Night at The Garden, which aired nationally on MSNBC and CNN but was rejected by FOX for being “unsuitable for air.
  • FRITZ KUHN’S FULL SPEECH: Audio of the Nazi Speech at the Garden Rally.
  • THE GERMAN-AMERICAN BUND: Transcripts of Nazi Speeches from 1939. If you compare Kuhn’s speech with the audio file above, you’ll notice that there were edits made by the Bund to the transcript.
  • THE GERMAN-AMERICAN BUND CHARTS: A series of charts created by the German-American Bund as propaganda and archived at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library.
  • THE SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE: “Footage Recalls the Night Madison Square Garden Filled With Nazis” by Jason Daley. An article detailing the historical background behind the events of the film.
  • THE WASHINGTON POST: “When Nazis Rallied In Manhattan, One Working-Class Jewish Man From Brooklyn Took Them On.” Reporter Philip Blum tells the story of Isadore Greenbaum, the Jewish protester who ran out on stage the night of the rally.
  • THE MEMORY PALACE: “The Year Hank Greenberg Hit 58 Home Runs.” A podcast story about a brawl outside of the Garden that night.
  • RETROPOD: “In 1939, the ‘American Hitler’ Took the Stage at Madison Square Garden.” A podcast story from The Washington Post about Fritz Kuhn, the leader of the Nazi group called the German-American Bund.
Isadore Greenbaum, Stars & Stripes